Life is a stage, keep dancing.

Twenty Something, Just trying to get by
Loves- Literature,Music,Arts,Movies,Journalism.Other Artist make me very happy
<3 I'm just looking to live my life. Maybe travel. I've already done a lot for my age. I've been lucky to survive a lot of bad stuff. I know how to fight and what's worth living for.
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Celebratory soy iced coffee for selling another summer mobile location! #Tcda #Dancelife #Winning

Swankiest car dealer on the south shore. Espresso & manicures #lucky #jeeplife (at Security Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram)

Breakfast on the fly this morning. Yuca stuffed with chopmeat in a light corn meal w. Coconut milk espresso.
God I love Brentwood.
#hometownthings #7dsd #Tiu

Mantra of a Successful woman. There’s no such thing as can’t
I want it, I’ll have it. Dream it, do it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you no.
#Consigned #Tcd #Sparkle

Today I decided I am done having a clusterfuck of bad days. This morning, as soon as things started to go negative in my day I got dressed and headed out the door to over indulge in a few of my favorite things. I got a mani/pedi drove out to patchouge and walked around main street with my #localbrew @roastcoffeeandtea then I shot down to the gym for cardio and an afternoon meditation. Followed by retail therapy, I bought new #nikes.
I am done with this stupid slump. I am sick of being sad and angry. And today was beautiful (before the rain)
Sometimes, being selfish is the only way.
Sorry for the crazy long post!
#Tiu #Tiulongisland #ManiMonday #Drinklocal @toneitup #choosehappy

@moonriverbakery is on my tv today! Did you see Holly’s follow up with #Bethenny #Ilovebabylon

6am Pura Vida booty call in the books. #Riseandgrind #Tiuselfie #Tiuteam #Tiulongisland @toneitup
It’s so beautiful outside! GO OUTSIDE!

On top of today being the perfect beginning to a really exciting week, mom made homemade curley fries for Lunch. #Noms #Chefkidproblems #Sogood @charleycooksli

#Perfect #Idol

True Life #Sorrynotsorry #Cantbereplicated #Donttryit #Betterthanyou How’s life down there hater?